Press F to Pay Respects Or Flash

Flash Binding

Flash binding on 'F' or 'D' key was a popular debate awhile ago. investigating what is more popular a look at 3,606,630 unique level 30 summoners that played ARAM, ranging from unranked to challenger players across NA, KR, EU (west and north), OC, and RU regions.

From this, 51% used flash on 'F', 46% picked 'D' for flash, with 3% of the time flash was not picked. Below are the percentages for each of the regions examined.

North America Region:

Korean Region:

Europe North Region:

Europe West Region:

Oceanic Region:

Russian Region:

Latin America Region:

From this, Korea is set on 'F' for Flash for ARAM but Russia is on the 'D' for Flash. Below is the tabular data from the graphs above.

Region D (%) F (%)
eun1 55.98 40.69
euw1 54.69 42.08
kr 25.06 73.67
la1 51.29 44.77
na1 45.01 51.50
oc1 46.59 51.15
ru 58.46 35.14