Fiddlesticks - Tank?

Fiddlesticks for a few patches now (10.13 to 10.15 as of writing) has seen an alternative build that has been gaining popularity in ARAM mode. The build works by allowing Fiddlesticks to keep in combat using high base stats and W health drain to keep fights prolonged and wear them down. As with all Fiddlesticks, abusing the brush and utilizing the passive fear for engages further increases the frustration that can be felt while playing it or fun while playing the build. Below are the most popular first completed items and the win rates associated with each.

Item Games Win %
Spirit Visage 6,068 59.57
Rod of Ages (Quick Charge) 5,267 55.17
Liandry's Torment 3,247 54.85
Luden's Echo 14,168 50.84
Zhonya's Hourglass 15,692 50.54
Archangel's Staff (Quick Charge) 1,916 35.49

Spirit Visage is the popular first item for going the tank route, which increases the healing and is almost 5% higher win rate than Rod of Ages (Quick Charge).

Fiddlesticks Tank Build (10.15)

Taking a look at the ARAM Tank Fiddlesticks, ignoring boots the following is the core items include Spirit Visage, Frozen Heart, and the last is split between Zhonya's Hourglass or Liandry's Torment. The boots choice is Mercury's Treads.

Rune choices are:

Resolve Domination Perks
Aftershock Cheap Shot Cooldown Reduction
Font of Life Ultimate Hunter Magic Resist
Conditioning Magic Resist

Skill Order: